Charlie Brown has been producing and array of electronic music since 2004. Since starting he has created Jungle, Tekno, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Grime, and everything in-between. Since 2010 he has operated under the C3B alias, which has allowed him to tour extensively across the UK and Europe on the merit of his production work.

In 2013 C3B began Mixing & Mastering music for other producers, and has since turned around 100s of finished tracks. Some of his previous clients include FFF, Amen4Tekno, Mandidextrous, T-Menace, Matt:Scratch, Heatzy, Ed Cox, E-Coli, Kentro, Dave Skywalker, MikkiM, Stazma The Junglechrist, and many more. You’ll be hard pushed to find an underground producer he has not worked alongside.

His main goal when providing a Mix & Master service is to give clarity and weight for sound systems, but he also has home listeners in mind as well. He is able to provide a product that has been proven to work across all applications.

When working with a client, C3B believes communication is key to achieve a track that lives up to everyone’s expectations, and is happy to spend time discussing the exact result an artist is looking for.

Charlie works on a cutting-edge in the box set up, in a purpose built acoustically treated studio, on Adam A7X speakers.

If you’re looking for a powerful result to shake any dance, then head on over to our shop here.

Mastering: £30.00 per Track / £25.00 for 4 or more tracks / Discounts for larger projects
Mixdown & Master: £50.00 / £45.00 per track for 4 or more / Discounts for larger projects
Turnaround Time: Within 7 days

For multiple tracks, please e-mail us at with the subject C3B Mastering (Your Name).